Natural Hypothyroidism Treatments Which Work

Hypothyroidism goes hand in hand with hormone imbalance, and we..

Natural Hypothyroidism Treatments Which Work

Hypothyroidism goes hand in hand with hormone imbalance, and we are currently witnessing a trend where this is plaguing men and women across America. Hormonal imbalances are largely linked with problems with the thyroid, but all is not lost if you suffer from issues of these nature, because many of the treatments for hypothyroidism are natural, and relate to dietary concerns.

The thyroid is located in the lower neck, and it produces a hormone which has an impact on every cell, tissue, and organ in the human body. It is responsible for regulating heart rate and body temperature, and produces protein while controlling the general rate of your metabolism. With this in mind, the four most common causes related to thyroid dysfunctions are deficiencies, radiation, hormone imbalance and food intolerance. This article will outline some of the best remedies for curing thyroid issues, many of which are purely natural treatments which can boost health in other ways. For supplementary help with your thyroid, ThyroidPharmacist is a great retailer that offers fantastic supplements that are the perfect complement to a nutrient dense diet. Here are some of the top steps you can take to alleviating the symptoms associated with hypothyroidism.

Go Gluten Free
Food intolerances are often caused by wheat and dairy products, which contain proteins which can cause a ‘leaky gut’. This can inflame the thyroid and affect its overall functioning, so following a grain-free diet and going gluten free is a great way to deal with hypothyroidism, while only consuming products which come from goats and sheep. This way you can regain energy and begin to function more normally.

Check Iodine Levels
If your iodine levels are low, a great way to resolve this is using supplements and consuming kelp, which collectively will help boost your iodine levels and normalize your bodily functions.


This is found in plastic bottles, and can interfere with your endocrine system and disrupt your thyroid. Avoid drinking out of plastic bottles, and choose glass and stainless steel as a substitute. Remember, all the requirements associated with enhancing thyroid functioning will actually bring other positive health benefits, helping to kill more than two birds with one stone.


Make sure you get the correct quantities of selenium in your diet, but at the same time don’t go overboard. The best selenium foods to consume are brazil nuts, sunflower seeds, beef, mushrooms, and onions, and by maintaining the correct balance of these foods, you’ll be on route to success.

Heavy Metal Detox
A combination of chlorella, cilantro, turmeric, and milk thistle and detoxify some of the harmful metals that are within your vital cells and organs, and this will have an instant impact on the way you feel.

Reduce Carbs
Lower your intake of grains and sugars, and replace these with healthy fats. In women, eating a carb rich diet can increase estrogen, which in turn causes thyroid imbalances. Healthy fats like coconut oil, hemp, flax seeds, wild salmon, and avocado are much more recommended, and will have you on route to recovery.