Hookah – A Traditional Way of Smoking:

Smoking a Hookah (Hookah) is a tradition and is a..

Hookah – A Traditional Way of Smoking:

Smoking a Hookah (Hookah) is a tradition and is a significant part of Indian culture. In recent years, the smoking of the whistle, Hookah, has now established around the world. There is a diverse range of Hookah bars and Hookah restaurants, where the water pipe can be consumed publicly. Often, the Hookah is seen as a far more harmless alternative to the cigarette. However, experts point out that smoking a water pipe can pose a risk to health. http://www.hookahhomes.com/ is one of the best hookah homes in the US.

Hookah smoking: popular with teenagers

Particularly among young people and young adults, the Hookah is very popular. In a social gathering, a meeting is held among friends, and the water pipe is smoked together. Its origins are whistles from the Orient.

A water pipe consists of a glass container that is filled with water and a smoke column. The so-called tobacco head is filled with special tobacco. The tobacco is then inhaled via a mouthpiece over a long tube. The tobacco in the Hookah is added with fruity flavors, which make the tobacco far more tasty than usual. This is precisely where experts and medical professionals see the problem.

Just because the inhaled tobacco is not bitterly tasted in a Hookah, a water pipe can serve as so-called entrance druggies. Moreover, the tobacco smoke of a Hookah smells like sweet smoke from a cigarette. The health risks of a Hookah are largely underestimated by taste and smell.

Many parents do not know that water pipes can be harmful but just as with cigarettes, harmful substances such as nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, lead or nickel can also be present in the tobacco of a Hookah. Who smoke a Hookah every day has Nicotine content in the urine which corresponds approximately to that of 10 smoked cigarettes.

Lack of hygiene and tobacco as risk factors:

In addition, it is a mistake that the existing water of the water pipe filters the tobacco and, so to speak, cleans. Even if the smoke of a Hookah is not directly inhaled as with a cigarette, an increased amount of nicotine reaches the blood. Not to mention that smoking is often deeper and more intense in a Hookah than in the train of a cigarette. One of the best places of hookah lounge is http://www.hookahhomes.com/

Misleading is the content of 0% tar on the special Hookah tobacco varieties but tar always occurs when the tobacco is heated which is the case with the Hookah. By the way, not only does tobacco with its pollutants contain a potential risk to health.